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    Mayacamas – Old Skool Californian

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a vertical tasting of Mayacamas. I jumped on the invitation: ‘Old Skool’ styled Californian wines are of considerable interest to me.

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    The Perfect Friday Lunch

    The perfect Friday lunch is an elusive thing.  Clearly it cannot take place at one’s desk; but it’s better unadulterated by guilt, so getting a decent number of hours work under one’s belt before departing salves the conscience.  I do like a

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    1999 Grands-Echezeaux, DRC. Overwhelmingly DRC

    I’ve had wines from the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti that have disappointed.  The 1983s.  The 1994s.  The 1986s (yuk).  Even you 1988s: ‘don’t get me wrong - yeah I think you’re all right – but you don’t keep me warm in the middle of t

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    RIP: La Tache 1991

    An evening to remember. An afternoon to forget. Conceived as a celebration of his new job, my friend, ‘Risky Business’ had declared his interest in drinking a special bottle. In fact what is widely considered to be one of THE special bottles –

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    The 300 – (of mature Bordeaux)

    …...Not – as you might expect (given that this is a wine blog) a reference to sword-wielding Spartan hoplites.  Nor indeed to the eponymous – and gruelling - workout programme of said film.  The 300 or, to be accurate, 298 points in question