Wine Storage

The correct and secure storage of fine wine is of paramount importance whether you are buying for future drinking, investment or both.  With this in mind, Renaissance Vintners has partnered with Nexus Wine Collections to provide what we believe is one of the best wine storage propositions in the United Kingdom.

Nexus Wine Collections is the largest independent wine management service in the UK and have specialised in looking after the needs of serious collectors since their foundation in 2006.  Nexus now administers portfolios with a combined value of over £60 million.

The Nexus approach is about service, security and peace of mind.  Your wines are stored independently of any merchant stock and each case is clearly identified as being your property.  You can view your portfolio online at any time.  Transfers to and from your collection are hassle free, and Renaissance Vintners clients benefit from preferential rates for both storage and handling charges.

Wines are stored at either Octavian or London City Bond’s new facility at Dinton Woods.  Conditions at both facilities are perfect for the long term storage of fine wine, and Renaissance Vintners recommends the former MOD bunkers of LCB Dinton: not only are conditions perfect, our experience of their service is very positive and charges, notably for delivery, are very reasonable.

The chambers were excavated 70 years ago for the Government.  Free of vibration and UV light, their massively thick concrete walls provide the perfect environment for fine wine storage.  Thick steel doors and sophisticated alarm systems provide the security for these perfect conditions.

Fine wine has become an expensive commodity, and peace of mind is key for the customer.  Whether your collection is for drinking, for investment, or for the sheer pleasure of collecting, we believe that our partnership with Nexus Wine Collections provides the perfect solution.

-          Perfect, secure conditions

-          Online management

-          Peace of mind: all wines are clearly identified as being your property.

-          All wines are fully insured at replacement value

If you would like further information then please do contact us.

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