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    Meeting Saint Peter – 1990 Pétrus

    Unlike Ian, who drinks much better than I do, my Pétrus experiences have been limited to tasting rather than drinking.  2003 from the barrel in 2004 and again from bottle in 2012.  A corked bottle of 1964 at around the same time (which was served

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    The 100 point Wine (?)

    I’ve always thought that awarding a wine 100 points…..or 20/20 if you prefer the traditionally British scoring system – to be rather egotistical.   When declaring something to be perfect, it seems to me that yo

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    In the beginning there was the word: and the word was “Pinot”

    ……And then there were quite a lot more words.  About Pinot from Burgundy - and later - in the fullness of time - about Pinot from the USA.   And it turned out everyone had a view. 

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    2009 vs 2010 Burgundy – Woo’s View

    What Joss didn't say.. I’ll keep it simple.  Less journalistic.  And less…..’diplomatic’. Personally, I like to see the big picture – and hear how other people perceive the big picture.  So I am not going to

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    2010 Burgundy vs 2009 Burgundy

    The 2009 and 2010 Burgundy vintages aren’t quite the “unidentical twins” that the Bordelais speak of, though maybe that reflects more on the Bordeaux marketing machine than it does on the wines from either region.