Delivery Charges

UK Deliveries, Warehouse Transfers & Duty Charges


Renaissance Vintners offers UK-wide delivery to your home address.
Because Renaissance Vintners sells wines belonging to our clients which are lying at more than one bonded warehouse, delivery charges will vary according the warehouse and courier. Renaissance Vintners charges delivery at our cost price, which will not exceed the following rates:

Address No. of Cases (£) Charge
Inner London 1 to 4                                  24.22
5 to 10                                  28.17
Over 10 add £1 per additional case
Inside M25 1 to 4                                  31.40
5 to 10                                  36.30
Over 10 add £1 per additional case
Outside M25 All deliveries priced individually, please enquire.

All delivery prices quoted exclude VAT

 Warehouse Transfers

Renaissance Vintners will also transfer your wines to any private reserve account you may have set up through a UK merchant or storage provider. Where available you may choose to receive your wines into your storage account Under Bond. The below list shows our charges for the majority warehouse transfers:

Transfer from (£) Charge
Octavian to any other bonded warehouse £2 per case
LCB Vinotheque to any other LCB £10 total delivery cost
LCB Vinotheque to Octavian £26 total delivery cost
Vinotheque to EHD £25 total delivery cost
Other warehouse transfer Please Enquire


The current UK excise Duty rates (excluding VAT) are as follows:

Category (%) Alcohol (£) Per Case (12) Duty
Still Wine 5-15%                                  24.60
Sparkling Wine 8.5-15%                                  31.51
Port 15-22%                                  32.79
Spirits 22%+ Variable

Please note that VAT will be applied to all delivery and duty charges. Please also note that Delivery and Duty charges are subject to annual increases as applied by the relevant warehouses and by HMRC.