Portfolio Management

What Is Portfolio Management ?

‘Portfolio management’ encompasses any service that Renaissance Vintners may provide which helps you enjoy buying, drinking, collecting or investing in wine but allows you to spend less time on logistics involving your purchases, collection or investment.

Examples Of Services That Renaissance Vintners Are Happy To Provide

  • A New Collection ?

You may wish to create a new cellar of wines for consumption at home or to cellar for the future, but you do not have time to select every single wine, to set up storage for those wines or to organise the delivery of your cellar. Renaissance Vintners has one Director who specialises in the sale and purchase of fine wine (Ian Elton-Wall) and a second Director (Genevieve Smith) who specialises in all aspect of fine wine logistics. We would be very happy to personally undertake some or all of these tasks for you for a pre-agreed fee, or on a commission basis, as you prefer.

  • Setting Up A Portfolio For A Family Member Or Friend

You may wish to set up a reserve or reserves for your children, god-children, or for a relative or friend. Renaissance Vintners are happy to provide advice on wines suitable for long term storage – or for investment. Please do contact us should you have a specific enquiry.

  • Advice On Purchasing Wine

Renaissance Vintners would be very happy to provide you with advice on which wines you should consider purchasing, based on your requirements. We can even fully manage the entire purchasing process for you, should that be your preference. Unlike the majority of merchants Renaissance Vintners will provide you with completely impartial advice because we are not significant stock holders and do not have a vested interest in selling our own stock. Please do contact us regarding any purchasing requirements you may have.

  • Advice On Your Portfolio

You may have acquired a portfolio of wines over the years which no longer suits your requirements. We commonly see collections which include very large volumes of inexpensive wines that their owners no longer want to drink, or which focus on wines from one particular region. You may realise that your portfolio does not provide you with a balance and variety of wine suited to your personal requirements. We would be very happy to provide you with advice on optimising your portfolio according to your needs. If you do decide you need to sell some of your wines, Renaissance Vintners are happy to provide realistic and accurate market valuations (for free !) to customers who intend to sell some or all of their collection via Renaissance Vintners. We offer highly competitive commission rates (see Broking) and can offer you a swift and efficient route to market for any wines that you agree to sell.

  • Selling Your Wines & Our Accelerated Sales Process.

Renaissance Vintners is specifically set up to sell wines belonging to our clients competitively and efficiently (please see broking). Should you have an immediate requirement for funds we can also arrange a cash offer for most fine wines that you may own (subject to provenance and satisfactory condition reports / photographs).

  • Consolidating Your Collection Or Auditing Your Stock

Many wine collectors arrive at a point where they have bought wines from multiple merchants and have had them stored in more than one location.   The logistics of managing multiple reserves, or even of keeping track of all your purchases may become onerous and you may wish to consolidate your collection into one account and audit your stock.

Renaissance Vintners are happy to consolidate your wines for you, chase up missing stock, audit your collection and undertake condition reports of your wines, should you be concerned about their provenance. We are happy to negotiate a pre-agreed fee or work on a commission basis for this kind of service, as you prefer.

  • Estate Valuations For Probate

At Renaissance Vintners we have experience in providing support for the executors and beneficiaries of any estate which includes a wine collection. You may require a valuation of a wine portfolio that enables you to make a fair distribution of assets – or you may require wine specific logistical support or advice at the point at which the assets are distributed. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

  • Consulting For Other Wine Companies

At Renaissance Vintners we have one Director with over 15 years sales and purchasing experience and a second Director who has considerable experience with systems implementation, stock reconciliation and warehouse moves. We would be interested to hear from you if you are seeking experienced professional advice on any aspect of your wine business.

  • Wine Investment

Renaissance Vintners does not levy any management fee or have any hidden charges for advice we provide about investing in wine. Please see our page about Wine Investment.

  • Anything Else ?

Should you require any other ‘portfolio management’ type service not mentioned here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have read the information on this page and you would like to find out more, please do contact us.


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