• Wine Tasting, RAC Club

    Wine tasting 2 at the RAC Club

    Mature Burgundy & Piedmont A second instalment of the September festivities organised by ‘Clive St Hune’ at the RAC Club. The wines served at ‘Dinner Part Deux’ were not served blind, thus saving me from further embarrassment... Esp

  • Wine Tasting, RAC Club

    Wine tasting 1 at the RAC Club

    A private dinner ‘a deux’ Generously hosted by noted collector ‘Clive St Hune’.   As ever, Clive was thinking - and drinking - big.   All the wines drank during dinner and afterward were served to me blind.  Having discussed white Bur

  • Business Cards

    It even has a watermark

    After much anticipation, the Renaissance Vintners business cards have finally arrived! With much glee and awe we are once again enormously grateful to Ross Hurford for the fabulous logo he designed for us, and to Mercer Design for doing such beautif

  • logo

    The all important logo

    A couple of weeks ago, we sent out a design brief to some very talented design agencies and designer friends, to create a logo for us. In some way it was quite prescriptive, but in other ways we wanted to allow people space to come up with something