Broking Services

Broking Wine For You Is Our Business

Renaissance Vintners are set up specifically to offer an efficient broking service for owners of stocks of fine wine. Instead of seeking to become a significant owner and seller of our own stock, Renaissance Vintners will focus on your needs, by prioritising the sale of wines you wish to sell.  Should you decide to sell wines through Renaissance Vintners, we are very happy to offer you an extremely competitive rate of commission. We are able to do so because we do not have a shop, we do not employ a lot of staff, we do not have expensive office premises and crucially, we are not a significant stock holder.   Consequently we are able to operate on a much lower margin than many of our competitors and we are able to focus on transacting the sale of your wines for you in a timely and efficient manner.

  • How Broking Works

As you may be holding stock through a wide variety of merchants, traders and wine storage companies – as well as at your home – it is very difficult to give a categoric description of the specific arrangement we may enter into with you concerning the sale of your wines. A general description of a typical broking arrangement is illustrated in our T&Cs. Unlike many brokers, it will not always be necessary for you to have the wines you wish to sell moved into Renaissance Vintners storage account before we are able to sell wines on your behalf.   Depending on where you are holding your wines we may be able to undertake the required checks and condition reports ‘in situ’ so that the only stock movement that needs to take place is when we have actually sold a wine on your behalf.   Renaissance Vintners will look at the individual circumstances of your proposed sale and offer you the most secure and cost efficient solution.

  • How Renaissance Vintners Will Sell Your Wines

Unlike the various wine exchanges who just list your wines on their site for a commission or a fixed fee, Renaissance Vintners will seek to actively ‘sell’ your wines on your behalf by making offers to private and trade customers internationally. Unlike the wine exchanges, we seek to maximise the net amount payable to you for your wine by seeking out the best selling price we are able to achieve – within the timeframe we agree with you. We will actively manage your sales process through a monthly re-pricing exercise to ensure that we achieve an improved price if your wines are rising in value, and to prevent wines that you wish to be sold promptly from ‘sticking’.

  • For Your Peace Of Mind….


Wherever they are stored, Renaissance Vintners will not release wines we have sold on your behalf to any customers until we have received payment for those wines – unless specifically agreed with you beforehand. (There may be occasions on which we would recommend that you do agree to allow us to release stock prior to payment – for example when a major UK merchant wishes to conduct their own condition checks on receipt and have agreed ‘payment on receipt’ terms).

Renaissance Vintners look to pay our customers promptly for wines we have sold on their behalf. Typically we will pay you at the end of the week following our receipt of the funds that confirm the sale of your wines.   This is unlike many merchants and traders who will pay you a month following the sale of your wine, or even hold the money ‘on account’ for you unless you chase them up repeatedly for the funds.

I Want Renaissance Vintners To Sell My Wines…….

If you have read the information on this page and you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact Renaissance Vintners.


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