Assyrtiko Thalassitis, Gaia Wines


The 2017 of this wine was voted Greece’s best Assyrtiko, and you can see why: this is extremely concentrated and really profound.  Flavour-wise though, in my view it is quite unlike the other two, in which you find the flowery-citrus je-ne-sais-quoi of Assyrtiko.  Is that Halkidiki vs Santorini ?  Anyway – tasted blind, I think I’d be guessing this as a top Loire Sauvignon – maybe from Dageneau or Cotat.  It’s so concentrated.   The fruit character seems quite different – wet stone, flint, green apple, lime and quince.  The depth is pretty remarkable.  Full bodied.  I only took a picture of the front label of this and have found varying assertions about the alcohol level, running from 13% flat to 14%.  Apologies, can’t remember. I think it was 13% but I couldn’t be sure.  Either way you don’t notice the alcohol.