Chambolle in Bordeaux.

With less than 800 hectares of vines, Pomerol is the smallest wine producing region of Bordeaux, and is home to some of the most famous wines of the world.  Pomerol wines are wines of character and the very best, the likes of Pétrus, Le Pin, L’Eglise Clinet, Trotanoy and their peers, are examples of just what can be achieved with Merlot.


Productions are small: Pétrus produces roughly 2,500 cases per year, Le Pin just 500.  Eglise-Clinet averages 1,500 cases, Trotanoy 2,000.  These are artisanal wines, made by vignerons as opposed to corporations.

The wines, and the commune, can frequently be described as Burgundian; there is a hint of Chambolle-Musigny character in many a Pomerol, and the wines are generally softer and more loose-knit than their left back counterparts.

Our current listings can be viewed by clicking HERE.  To learn more about this intriguing region of Bordeaux we recommend Neal Martin’s brilliant book “Pomerol”.



The cellars at Feytit-Clinet