Barbaresco Cru Collection, Produttori del Barbaresco


I was blown away by these wines from the Produttori del Barbarescot…………the 2013 Riservas are off the charts. Over the last few years, the Produttori have quietly set about moving into a new, spacious winery that includes new fermentation tanks and new casks that have replaced the old, very large casks of the past. Under the direction of Managing Director Aldo Vacca, the Produttori are making some of the most distinguished wines in their history. Best of all, the Riservas remain exceptionally well priced for the quality and consistency they offer. It is virtually impossible to go wrong with any of the 2013 Riservas. Readers should consider making choices based on personal preferences and when the various wines are likely to be at their best, as the nine Riservas are qualitatively very close to each other. All of the wines are deeply expressive with regards to site and vintage. In other words, it doesn`t get much better than this. This collection contains: 1 x Asili, 1 x Paje, 1 x Rio Sordo, 1 x Pora, 1 x Muncagota, 1 x Rabaja, 1 x Ovello, 1 x Montestefano, 1 x Montefico