Jacquesson 738 – RV recommends

A Renaissance recco…

The rule at Renaissance is: we only recommend wines that we have tasted – and which we rate.

So, having secured a small allocation of Jacquesson 738 we opened a bottle in the office yesterday to confirm that it was as good as we had hoped.  Cork popped, we were all a little quiet, a little unsure.  Five minutes in the glass, though, and this is a winner, especially if you like your Champagne with a bit of steel to it.  We are very happy to recommend:

Jacquesson Cuvée 738
GBP 165 per case (6x75cl) in bond (GBP 160 per case for 2+ cases)

“On opening, this is very, very steely.  Very tightly-wound.  After five or ten minutes, though, and the wine gently unwinds and just gets better, better and then better still.  If you like the edgy style of Burgundy – think Boisson-Vadot or Coche-Dury – then you will love this.  There is a delicate austerity underneath what is a very classy wine indeed.  This will be a keeper if you want it to, though is ready to go now – just give it a few minutes in the glass.  With food it will be even better – seriously good Champagne, and one with a great deal of character.  Racy, very classy and svelte in a very attractive, Kiera Knightly style.  More than lovely, floral and sophisticated.”


The 700 series of wines is their equivalent of a non-vintage, though its essence is all about the variations from year to year.  Rather than suppress vintage character, each wine in the series is slightly different, depending on the base wine.  The 738 is based on the 2010 vintage, with roughly a third of reserve wines in the blend.  The make up is 61% Chardonnay, 18% Pinot Noir and 21% Pinot Meunier.

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