1999 Chambertin Rousseau

1999 Chambertin, Rousseau: this has to be one of the finest wines on our list.  Domaine Rousseau hold just over two hectares of Le Chambertin, producing 750 or so cases per year.  This is rare wine.  The domaine itself is one of only a handful, if that, that can hold a candle to Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in terms of quality and prestige, and Chambertin Rousseau is one of a handful of wines that can stand up to Romanée-Conti itself.

Secondary market prices for Domaine Rousseau have risen dramatically over the past few years, though this is largely on account of the sheer quality of the wines, and subsequent demand from drinkers, than any speculative angle.  Rousseau buyers tend to buy the wines in order to drink them.

We are very, very lucky to have a single case of 1999 Le Chambertin, Domaine Rousseau available for sale  It is in pristine condition and just looking at the picture brings on some Pavlovian salivating.  At the time of writing this is the only full case in its original packaging available in Europe.  It is currently lying in Octavian.

1 case (12 x 75cl) 1999 Chambertin, Rousseau - SOLD OUT

“Fullish, vigorous colour. Fat, rich, succulent nose. Very lovely fruit. Full body. Vigorous. Meaty. Very, very rich. Excellent tannns. Fine grip. This is very, very lovely. Multi-dimensional and very long on the palate. A great wine. From 2015.”  Clive Coates

“A fantastically complex nose that offers up impressively dense and concentrated fruit blended with an incredible array of spices that precede big, rich, intense and mouth coating flavors that have really beautiful depth, power and length. This is not a particularly structured wine but the sheer complexity and class combine to create a simply knock out Chambertin, worthy of every accolade reserved for the very best in Burgundy. Really lovely stuff in a forward style though this will be capable of aging for years. I have upgraded my rating (as well as extended my estimated initial drinking window) as it’s more than clear it deserves it. Tasted on multiple occasions with consistent notes.  96 points.  Try from 2019+”  Allen Meadows

This case has now sold.  Please do contact us if we can be of service.

1999 Chambertin Rousseau